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Grow Your Own Way Wellness
Marnie Dangerfield

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About Us

This is a Virtual Garden Space to connect, gather, support and inspire one another, as we each grow our own way, in our own garden spaces and places. Consciously choosing to co-create well-being, beauty,  joy and hope for you and all- beings and the planet. 

This is an invitation to explore the question with pen, paper, paint, plants & trowel: Can gardens be intentionally co-created healing spaces for you & the 🌎? Heart, Earth, Mind, Body, Soul, Field

"I believe that thoughtful & intentional gardens/gardeners help to address challenges as wide ranging as climate change, habitat loss, cultural polarization & social justice, & individual & communal health & well-being." - Jennifer Jewell

I believe that too, how about you? 

If you do, or are at least open to that possibility, then I hope you will join us. 

Whether you are a gardener or a gardener to be, we will explore what it means to be a gardener and creative being in this world.

How about we meet in the garden? - A place for healing, connection, transformation and growth.

This is about healing relationships with self, the land and all beings.

This is about pausing, breathing and reconnecting to you, your inner wisdom and nature.

Intentional Greenativity incorporates the practices of Intentional Creativity & Gardening, along with mindfulness, kindness, compassion and gratitude.

This main area is free for us to connect, share, learn and grow together. This is a co-creation. I will share about my paid offerings for Intentional Creativity Red Thread Circles as well as Group and 1-1 offerings as they become available

But let's start here, right where you are, as you are. That is enough, you are enough. 

This is definitely not just about gardens, its really about YOU, the Mindful, Heartful & Embodied Gardener. 

Your mattering matters and effects your health and the choices you make in your life.  

We can co-create a new way forward with intention. This space will be an ever-evolving co-creation.

I believe that the core of a lot of the inequality and dis-ease in the world (including climate change) stems from our disconnection from the Earth, our self and our creative power.

Our work (and play!) is to reconnect to nature & to our important and impactful roles as part of the ecosystems in which we live   

Choose to be the gardener of your life and space and to co-create beauty, joy and well-being. 

Resilient, rooted, grounded, awake, aware & heartful...oh and embodied, creative, conscious, regenerative and restorative too:)

You have the power and potential for positive impact with your choices and actions. This is about raising self-awareness, self-love and self-compassion and the positive ripples effects that flow from that, along with gratitude and kindness.

We each are responsible for our own piece in this adventure and we will support one another with kindness and compassion.

This is a journey. You may stay for a short time, or much longer, each of us has our own path, our own way. You get to choose yours.

It is time to heal, mend and then plant & tend the seeds for a better future, and it begins with you &  each one of us, consciously choosing this path. Collectively we can make a difference. 

This is an embodied, holistic journey through the seasons (and moon cycles)

How about we have some fun while we do, be and create this brighter future together? Are you up for that? 

It starts with you making the first step and committing to your gift of a life and your adventure on this land.

'Grow with intention. Embody your true nature. Let love lead the way.' - A Haiku for Grow Your Own Way Wellness by Marnie Dangerfield  

Why You Should Join Us

This is about calm, care, connection, compassion, curiosity and creativity.

This is about pausing, breathing and reconnecting to you, your inner wisdom, nature and to your creative power.

Your inner knowing has the answers for you but its hard to connect with all of the busy-ness in our lives. 

Your well-being matters and its time to prioritize it, and we explore ways in the group. 

You'll find your way to root, grow and bloom.

Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to view this page. If it resonates I hope you will join us. 

If not, I do hope you find what speaks to you and what will work for you.

 Remember there is no one way, we are all different and circumstances differ for us all. I trust and hope you will find your way and be a part of the change you want to see in this world. It starts with choosing to tend yourself first.

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